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Don’t be afraid…we don’t bite…and we promise not to bore you either!

If you've ever spent a few hours wandering around a greetings card shop looking through hundreds of cards without finding one that makes you giggle then we feel your pain, If you’ve ever forgotten the lady in your life’s birthday or the mother of all horrors…your anniversary (ouch!) – we feel your pain, or if you just can’t be bothered to go to the shops to buy a card…we feel the soothing comfort of the chair you’re sitting in…and are highly jealous of it!

What we have for you is a beautiful range of cards, created by the craziest artists this side of Timbuktu, for you to browse at your leisure. They range from the cute to the downright bizarre and you are free to personalise the design for your recipient and write whatever you like inside them!
We should point out that the trained monkeys we use get rather hyperactive at the sight of bad words and nudity so please try and keep it tasteful – those tranquilisers are not cheap!)

Oh, and any questions you may have can be directed to the monkey we deemed intelligent enough to communicate with customers, he can be reached at

(P.S No monkeys were harmed during the making of this website)

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