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  • 16 September 2013

    Wallowing in the Miniature Sty

    We’ve always been animal lovers here at Mouse2Mat, all shapes, sizes and scariness of teeth are welcome. We must admit though, that when we heard about miniature pigs, they tugged at a very special heart string. The one that makes you go aaawww when you see a kitten, puppy…or miniature pig.

    Miniature pigs aren’t designed for bacon or sausages; they’ve been specially bred as house pets and therefore are much smaller than your average pig…or even piglet! Even when fully grown they only weigh 20-90kg’s. Compare that to the fully sized 200kg+ Gloucestershire old spots and you’ve got something rather cute!

    We know you love animals as much as we do and so we created a special range exclusively featuring miniature pigs! We call it Animal Magic and it was designed and photographed by Richard Austin – a man whose photography is known across the globe! Take a look at the animal magic range here, and prepare to go aaaww!

  • 09 September 2013

    Eric The Penguin Crashes In!

    After years of struggling with his computer crashes, Eric the penguin has finally made it online!

    Eric is one of our most popular characters here at Mouse2Mat and has developed a cult following for his unique blend of adorable hand drawn style and hilarious topical humour. We love all animals here at Mouse2Mat and leaving Eric in cold Antarctica was just something we couldn't do! What we did instead was bring his lovable cards from the shops onto our website; they’re exactly the same cards that have been loved for nearly 20 years – except now you can give them the personalised touch! Check them out here or check out a selection of Eric cards on Pinterest

    20 years! How old is that in penguin years?

    P.S. Eric also agreed to appear on Pinterest after we assured him he wasn't actually going to be pinned to a wall!

  • 02 September 2013


    Pah! You think this is lot’s….you know we’re doubling the number we’ll have on the site soon, don’t you? It’s like walking into a card shop and finding they’ve suddenly added racks and racks more cards…daunting! But fear not, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeve that’ll make it a little less scary for you!

    The way we’ve organised our cards at the moment works really well, you can see the cards we sell arranged by occasion (we’re adding lot’s more of them too!), collection, character or which artist designed them. We wanted to make it a little different to the others, our artists are so proud of their work they love the idea of you seeing their other works. So it works well…at the moment!

    We thought a lot about this…we stayed up all night, panda eyed and an extra strong piece of cheese for Pablo! What we decided was that if we double our volume, our current structure gets messy. We don’t want you browsing through 888 pages of birthday cards or seeing so many collections that you can’t decide what to choose! So we did what we love to do…make things better!

    We can’t reveal too much just yet, because the ink is barely dry on the final designs...and even those might get tweaked a bit! But let’s just say you’ll have no problems finding the card you want…the way we describe it is “straight to the point” navigation, meaning that if you have someone or something in mind, you’ll see it immediately. But if you want to take a look around different styles or designs – you’ll be able to do that too! As soon as it goes live we’ll update you via Facebook, Twitter, here on the blog and even e-mail if you’ve subscribed!

    We’re really pleased with what we’ve got in store for you…let’s keep spreading the love!

  • 26 August 2013

    Top 3 Tips For Making Your Card Unique

    One of the things we’ve been asked more than anything else since we embarked on our mission to spread the love (other than…”Can I have Pablo?”) is “How can I make my card extra special?” We want you to do more than just say “happy birthday” or “happy anniversary”, we want you to make the person you give it to, smile….a big grin like a Cheshire cat if possible! So we’ve come up with a few little nuggets of advice for anyone who wants to make the grin they give, even wider!

    Say something silly! Don’t be all British and stiff…we’re trying to get away from the whole “Dear Andy, , From Buzz” mentality and give you as much freedom as you want. A few customers have been worried that if they write something rude or embarrassing, their card won’t be accepted or we’ll read it out and have a good laugh at their expense…what they forget Is that most of our monkeys can’t read, and even if they could, they don’t read the cards anyway!

    Write a message! Why do you think we give you soooo much room on the inside left of so many of our cards? It’s for you to add in whatever you like! We’ve had people add in poems, love letters and even lists of their favourite memories…what could you write?

    Send it home, draw all over it and send it on… Here’s a crazy idea – remember that we give you the option to send the card to you before you send it on? Well, why not draw all over it….add some kisses, hearts, doodles or masterpieces – then send it to the lucky recipient…They’ll see you’ve put in a HUGE amount of effort!

    So there’s our few suggestions for adding a creative flair to your cards. It’s all about making the person at the other end feel the love and making them feel that little bit special!

  • 19 August 2013

    Online Greeting Cards – What’s all the Fuss About?

    If you’re here, reading this, then you probably already know what the fuss is about and are excited at the prospect of doing something really cool with the internet, your imagination, some ink and some card….and a stamp of course!

    But for those friends and family who still trundle into shops, trudge around them and pick up a card that “sort of matches what I want to say”, then here are some tips to show them what they’re missing out on!

    Photos! Unless you fancy the idea of buying a card, printing a photograph and gluing it on, or (our favourite idea for a good laugh)…buying a card and feeding it though your printer (Don’t try that at home!), then you won’t be able to add the ultimate personal touch to your message. We’ve got some really cool cards that let you personalise them with a photo we’ve got more planned for the future….watch, then insert photo into, this space.

    Names! Why do you think we all love key rings with our names on and why those funny personalised Coca-Cola bottles are such a hit? We love making things unique and special and giving that to a loved one is a great way to show you’ve really thought about them.

    Delivery! One of the more forgotten things about personalised cards is the delivery – it couldn’t be any easier! Instead of buying the card, licking the envelope, heading to your post office and paying for the stamp…you just make a few clicks of the mouse!

    So the next time someone tells you that “it’s a hassle”, “it’s easier to pop to the shop” or “It’s the same as buying a card from the shop”, you can enlighten them and show them what’ they’re missing out on!

  • 12 August 2013

    What's Been Happening at Mouse2Mat?

    We’ve been so very busy here, running around like a mouse in a wheel, taking all of the wonderful ideas we had and making them a reality. We’ve got some wonderful surprises for you – we’ll be making the homepage prettier, the menu system easier to use, the bits where you can browse our cards bigger...much bigger, and faster too! Oh, and one more tiny thing…MORE CARDS! Not just a few more designs…we’ll be DOUBLING the number of cards we have for you! That’s right – doubling the number of cards! We’ve got loads more photo frames for you to add your pictures to, many more hilarious humour cards, new ranges, new characters and we’ll even be adding some new occasions to our offering – you really will be able to find a card for anybody and any event!

    We’ll be telling you more over the coming weeks but we’re improving everything we can think of – anything that helps you to find the perfect card as quickly as possible. All of the changes came as suggestions from our customers, conversations that usually started with “we love your cards and the designs are beautiful, I just wish it was easier to...” We made a note of all of them and quickly put a plan together to showcase our beautiful designs in the way that they truly deserve! We can’t wait to show you what we’ve come up with!

    (Don’t worry, Pablo’s not going anywhere – we’d miss him too much!)

  • 05 August 2013

    Through The Mouse Hole

    Say hello to, your new online personalised greetings card website!

    We’re so excited to finally get our website finished, it’s taken us lots of sweat, elbow grease and tea to polish off, but it’s ready for you to play with, find your perfect cards, scribble all over them and send them on their way!

    What we’ve tried to create is a website that makes it as easy as possible to find and get what you want, whilst giving you a few giggles along the way. This isn’t a :( website; it’s a :)one….but with a bigger smile! We really appreciate how dull some websites can be…a dropdown menu here….another box to fill in there….zzzzzzzz – what we’ve created is really really simple…

    1.Find a card by browsing occasions, our collections, our hilarious characters or even by the artist who made it!
    2.Personalise It! – Don’t worry, Pablo’s there to offer advice!
    3.Where’s it heading? – Send it back to yourself or straight to the final recipient.
    4.When’s it heading? – Send it ASAP or choose the day it needs to be there by.
    5.Buy It! – Safe, secure and simple!

    That’s it! You’ll never want to wander around the shops again…they don’t have a cute mouse to help you along the way at all! So go ahead, spread the love and make someone happy today…send them a card to make them smile!

    It’s the beginning of something wonderful…

  • 11 April 2013

    Royal Connections

    The message is funny because Britons can’t resist swanking about the slightest of connections to the Royal Family.

    In fact the card reminded me of my well-connected friend who pretended his invitation to the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton had been lost in the post and, as the invitation had to be handed in to the wedding security officers asked Buckingham Palace for a replacement. When the substitute card arrived my chum had the original framed and hung in his downstairs loo.

    Perhaps more surprising is the hip guitarist Jimmy Page who at the height of his fame with Led Zeppelin lived in a gothic house and filled it with black magic knick-knacks. Yet pride of place in his living room was given over to a silver framed photograph that stood alone on top of his black Steinway grand piano. It pictured the heavy metal rocker shaking hands with Her Majesty.

    This love affair with royal bits and bobs reached its dubious height last month when a pair of the Queen’s knickers (silk bloomers with a monogram of the Royal Crown and the initial `E’ embroidered on them) was advertised on e-bay for £3000. Somebody will, of course, buy them but they’ll look pretty weird in an English drawing room.

    However this got me thinking about the piece of modern Royal ephemera I would like to display. A hundredth birthday card from the Queen might be a talking point if I had reached a ton on the other hand the card is always of a spectacularly dull picture of Her Majesty (with no bon mot inside) and anyway one wouldn’t have much time left to show it off.

    One could obtain a gnarled organic vegetable from Prince Charles’ farm shop at Highgrove but let’s face it wouldn’t even look good in the vegetable rack and certainly wouldn’t last long enough to big up. A personalised copy of Budgie the Helicopter by Fergie, Duchess of York, is something to hide rather than display while nobody would admit to owning a signed programme from Prince Edward’s `It’s a Royal Knockout’ show.

    I suppose I could swank, with a nudge, nudge and a wink, wink, about a second hand riding crop used by the Princess Royal or boast about a glass nicked from Boujis nightclub from which Prince Harry had drunk but what I would really like is a personally signed photograph of Pippa Middleton in that bridesmaid’s dress bending over to pick up her sister’s train on the steps of Westminster Abbey. I would have it framed in gold leaf and hang it above my mantle-piece and I would add on the nameplate below it, and I mean no disrespect ma’am, `bootilicious’.

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